The love for art and the love for me, me, me.

A phenomena I see is the perpetual love for self in art instead of art for art sake.

Kimon Fioretos
3 min readJun 8, 2023


Stanislavski said it best, when he called out “don’t love yourself in art, but the art inside you”, the problem was in all probability as prevalent then as it is now.

I am not saying loving yourself is a bad thing, I am not saying an artist should be egoless, that would be redundant.

What I am talking about is the unworthy love for art’s “paraphernalia” instead of perspiration (work) in art and for art.

In Greek we have a lovely word “kallopismos”

It translates as grooming, or adornment, or even better beautification. It seems that we are more preoccupied with the adornment of ourselves instead of painstakingly doing the work.

Makes sense though. The work is arduous, boring, painful, agonizing.

Instead (we), like old country natives who see trinkets for the first time, are loosing our concentration to small shinny mirrors and fake jewelry.

Instead of work we opt for fun.

Instead of dedication we opt for daydreamings of success.

Instead of planning we opt to wishful thinking.

Instead of schedule we opt for internal chaos.

Do we want to be artists or do we want just to be “names”.

Do we want to be famous or be actors.

Do we want to live an artist’s life?

Or do we want to live fame?

Dreaming is not bad, wanting recognition for your contribution in art is not bad.

But we have to realize that as artists we don’t live with the end goal in mind, our contribution is not just our “being”, our contribution is the invisible painstaking hours we but in to build and grow our art REGARDLESS

Let me say that again REGARDLESS

We don’t need an excuse to be artists we just ARE. We don’t need an excuse to Work we just Do.

If you live with the end goal in mind instead of just doing the work and allowing the end goal to be a happy happenstance, you are up for a long unhealthy relationship with this form of art.

Do the work regardless

Do good work everyday

And if you happen to become “something” or “someone” then thank your luck and your shining star and keep on working because you love to work!

It’s easy to play the blame game…no time, too tired, nothing matters, why should I?, other people don’t.

You can blame whom ever you like, but you’re accountable for you…your art, your craft, your attitudes and habits.

Are you in the profession of waiting ?

Are you in the profession of blaming ?

Or are you in the vocation of doing ?

If you want to be an artists then live the life of one by doing what you love regardless!!!


Love and peace


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